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Yanwath Nursery


Our Approach

At Yanwath Preschool Nursery we have created a child-centred environment which supports open-ended play. We strive to offer a secure, caring and interesting environment where children are treated as individuals and feel valued, cherished and confident. Each child will be encouraged to progress, learn and develop a sense of self with the aid of play activities and resources made accessible to them.

Outdoor play is an essential part of our nursery, encouraging the children to be active and enjoy the outdoors. We are fortunate to have a secure garden area that is accessible at all times, as well as access to the main playing field and school playground.

We have a free-flow approach whenever possible between the indoor and outdoor areas and children are encouraged to make their own choices in activities and how to use the resources available. We give the children freedom and resources to learn through play, with our experienced staff at hand to enhance their development through the early years curriculum. In planning our provision we always work towards incorporating positive opportunities for all children, reflecting diversity and addressing issues of race, culture, gender and disability, offering each child equal access to support, development and learning.

Ultimately our aim is to help every child attending our nursery to develop a positive sense of themselves, respect for their environment and other people, social skills and a positive attitude to learning, in partnership with their family.

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